RJ Bates III, The King Closer

Are you tired of being told you have to have a script, play mental manipulation games, pretend you have a finance department and put sellers on hold 5 times to close deals? I don’t blame you, that sounds miserable. Come learn how to close just like me where you never have to pretend to be someone else or lie to sellers. Just close more deals.

My Closing Philosophy

I believe that you become the best closer when you embrace being yourself. No more mind games, no more bullshit scripts. Just you having a genuine conversation with a motivated seller about buying their real estate. This is why I consistently am able to close more deals than anyone else. My Closing Formula is simple because it revolves around being yourself and never trying to manipulate sellers.

My Background

Grey and Black High Rise Building

Real Estate Experience

  • Closed Deals in 49 States
  • Closed 2,000+ Properties
  • Flipped Houses in 11 States
  • Owned Rentals in 12 States
  • Successfully Completed 50 Deals, 50 States, 50 Days twice Live on YouTube

Competition Achievements

  • 2021 Closers Olympic Champion
  • 2022 Wholesaling LIVE Closers Champion
  • 2023 Closers Olympics Champion
  • Undefeated in Closers Cage Matches powered by Speed to Lead

Contact Information


9307 Boat Club Rd, Fort Worth, Texas, 76179